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The design process behind the Wilfa ProBaker

August 02, 2022 2 min read

The design process behind the Wilfa ProBaker

The Wilfa ProBaker was designed and developed in Norway with the intuition and experience of professional bakers to fulfil their every need and dream of a stand mixer. Learn more about the design and engineering of the ProBaker.

Wilfa and Eker Design joined together in designing a stand mixer that improves and simplifies baking while still achieving a professional result. The product of their collaboration is an out of the ordinary stand mixer with a dual action kneading system, precise speed control, overload protection system and stable construction with low gravity and low vibrations. The Wilfa ProBaker adapts and improves the standard stand mixer, reflecting the knowledge and experience of the Federation of Norwegian Bakers and Confectioners and passionate at-home bakers.

Design and Development 

The first step in the design and development process was a test and learn workshop where users of varying skill identified opportunity within the market by examining what the best products were currently offering. Eker Design explained that “During this process, we identified important functionality that provides efficiency and higher control and quality of the bakery. We also found several areas that would make the baking process be more streamlined and user-friendly.”

Wilfa Probaker

A priority for Eker Design was free communication between the designers and users to ensure the greatest collection of insight and knowledge. For this reason, a physical prototype of the ProBaker was created in addition to design sketches and models. At this stage of the design process, the teams at Wilfa and Eker Design believed that the physical prototype would be more efficient in conveying the idea to their workshops.

 Wilfa Probaker

After several different design models and revised functional prototypes, Eker Design learned:

“To have an efficient baking process, gluten control, and to create a high-quality dough we found that simultaneous rotation of bowl and tools, precise speed control, and a certain set of tools were important.

For user-friendliness, we discovered that easy access to a large bowl, overload protection, and easy cleaning were important aspects. We also discovered that the following was important to achieve the best user experience." 

  • Unique design
  • Stable construction
  • Low vibration
  • Low noise
  • Easy access to intuitive functions

 Wilfa Probaker

Mechanical Engineering and Production 

As data collection continued in the user workshops, the team began the design and engineering of the mixer. Eker Design worked with design sketches, models, and physical prototypes, “with the aim to find the design that both meet the requirements from the Wilfa brand guide and a unique and appealing design. As the need for functional prototypes occurred early in the insight phase, [they] also started the 3D modeling and engineering at this time.”

Following the design models, prototyping and 3D printing, Eker Design entered the tooling and production phase. Working closely with Wilfa, the team had to “qualify and define tolerances, machining requirements, injection point positions, ejector positions, and surface texture.”

The result of the Wilfa and Eker Design’s hard work is an extraordinary stand mixer that will redefine professional and at-home bakers’ expectations of their equipment and bakes.

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Wilfa Probaker