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Why the Wilfa ProBaker is streaks ahead of other stand mixers

June 13, 2022 3 min read

Why the Wilfa ProBaker is streaks ahead of other stand mixers

At Wilfa, we’re confident that the Wilfa ProBaker stand mixer comes out on top when it comes to performance, longevity and winning good looks.

If you’re looking for a new stand mixer to take your baking to the next level, the Wilfa ProBaker is packed full of features that make it the obvious first choice.


Probaker Dual action kneading system

Dual action kneading system

In collaboration with The Norwegian Bakery and Pastry Teams, Wilfa has developed a system, inspired by the best industrial machines, where both bowl and hook rotate simultaneously, allowing for optimum kneading performance.


Wilfa Probaker

Efficient 700W motor with automatic overload protection

ProBaker’s 700W motor is one of few in the consumer market to utilize the PMDC-motor technology. This type of motor enables a more efficient power transfer and allows for a broad speed range. This technology is usually reserved for commercial baking equipment. Most domestic machines utilise AC motors which are cheaper, less efficient and break down much easier.

The Wilfa ProBaker is equipped with a sophisticated protection system consisting of two sensors that monitors the PMDC-motor continuously. It is also equipped with an advanced over-load sensor that continuously measure the motors torque transfer. If too high loading is present, by for instance a heavy dough, it will instantly turn off the motor. This system is unique to Wilfa and with it you can put any type of dough into the machine without fear of overloading or overheating.


Wilfa Probaker

Temperature protection

The Wilfa ProBaker continuously measures the motor temperature during use to protect against dangerously high temperatures. If the sensor registers temperatures that are too high it will automatically shut down.


Wilfa Probaker

Stable construction

With ProBaker’s Dual Action™ Kneading System, the motor and gear placement are lower than for most competitors. This ensures a low centre of gravity, meaning the mixer stays in place even for the toughest jobs.


Wilfa Probaker

20 precise speed control settings

Gain even greater control of your bakes with 20 individual speed settings. The Wilfa ProBaker is up for any job: From slowly mixing in flour (without clouds of it dusting your kitchen) to high-speed kneading of heavier doughs.


Wilfa Probaker

7l bowl capacity with clear visibility

The 7L bowl allows kneading of up to 5 kg dough. It´s size and placement enable effortless adding of ingredients while kneading.

ProBaker’s large bowl and short head makes adding of ingredients quick and simple without having to lift the head. The mixing arm’s positioning optimises visibility into the bowl so bakers can closely monitor their ingredients at all times.



Wilfa Probaker

Accessories for every type of recipe

As well as a recipe booklet and access to online digital content, the Wilfa ProBaker comes with an impressive range of functional accessories.

Wilfa Probaker
Double Whisk: The double whisk design allows for ideal mixing where air is added between the whisks and the mixture is pushed towards the centre of the bowl. This makes it perfect for adding air to light batters and ensures maximum volume.
Wilfa Probaker
Flexi Beater: The Flexi-beater is ideal for mixing light ingredients, ensuring that air is worked into the mixture. The design with a silicon scraper effectively eliminates the need for a spatula during mixing.
Wilfa Probaker

Spiral Dough Hook: With an optimised shaped spiral hook and rotating bowl there is several advantages over competitors' systems:

  • Best kneading performance in class (According to feedback from the Norwegian baking team and other testers).
  • Small distance between the hook and bowl ensures quick combining of ingredients with no need to scrape the bowl.
  • No climbing of the dough due to the optimised bowl and hook shape.
  • The spiral hook is designed to knead dough and even heavy ingredients effectively for optimal gluten development.



Wilfa Probaker

10 year warranty

The Wilfa ProBaker comes with an industry-beating 10 year warranty. Bake everyday in confidence, knowing that your ProBaker’s performance is guaranteed from the first recipe to the 3,650th.




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