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Caffenu Original Nespresso Cleaning Capsules (5 Capsules)


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Compatible with Nespresso Original Coffee Machines

Did you know that your coffee machine might be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria? Truth is, the washer plate, the brewing chamber and the spout of your Nespresso machine can become extremely dirty and possibly riddled with bacteria and germs.

The Caffenu Nespresso Original compatible cleaning capsule was specifically formulated with a unique foaming action to reach and effectively clean inaccessible areas of your Nespresso Original coffee machine.

Its premium, yet eco-friendly ingredients clean parts of the machine that plain water or a descaler cannot reach, ensuring a spotless coffee spout. The result? A fresher and better tasting coffee free of germs. And a coffee machine that works like new, with better coffee flow and improved machine lifespan.

The tried and tested Caffenu cleaning capsule is made up of eco-friendly ingredients, making it 100% natural and safe to use. The capsule is easy to use (just like a coffee capsule), and fully recyclable. It is intended to not only improve the flavour of your coffee, but also increase the lifespan & performance of Nespresso Original coffee machines.

Ideally use after 30 cups of coffee made, or at least once a month. Also perfect for use when switching in between beverages such as tea, flavoured coffee or hot chocolate.

Additional Information:

As easy as making a coffee
Unique Foaming Action cleans where you can’t see
Premium, eco-friendly ingredients
Removes old coffee oils and bacteria
Improves coffee flow and flavour
Increases lifespan & performance of machine
Odourless and leaves no residue
Capsules are fully recyclable
Intertek Certified, read more here
Includes 5 capsules for Nespresso Original
Not a descaler: Please also descale regularly