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Wilfa Uniform Dialing In Guide

April 01, 2022 2 min read

Wilfa Uniform Dialing In Guide

If you want to achieve great tasting coffee at home, any coffee professional will tell you it’s more about the grinder than it is about the coffee machine you use. Which is why we have taken years to perfect our range of multi-method coffee grinders. So, if you’ve invested in a Wilfa Uniform grinder, how do you use it correctly to get the best out of your coffee beans?

Choosing the best setting on your Wilfa Uniform Grinder depends on the type of coffee you are brewing and your taste preference.

The guidelines below are especially written for different brewing methods, using a Wilfa Uniform grinder. Use this guide as a starting point, and then we recommend that you experiment with different settings to achieve your preferred taste.

Wilfa Uniform grind guide

Setting 2-8 Espresso

Grinding the coffee into smaller, finer pieces increases the surface area of the grounds coming into contact with the water. This is perfect for espresso, where pressure is used to extract flavours quickly from the coffee – allowing maximum development in under 30 seconds.

Setting 14-22 Aeropress

With this method time is increased and pressure is considerably less than a 9-bar espresso machine. As a result, the Wilfa Uniform produces slightly larger grounds of coffee. This means that during the brewing method, the coffee is perfectly sized to release sweetness, a little acidity and minimal bitterness from over-dissolved coffee solids.

Setting 14-38 pour over/filter

This setting has a large range because there are so many different ways to produce a filter coffee. In this brewing method, pressure is replaced with gravity. Asthe water flows through the bed of coffee it picks up oils, flavours and coffee solids along the way. A medium-coarse grind-size keeps the flavours balanced and provides enough resistance to prevent the water rushing through too quickly and not getting enough goodness from the ground coffee.

Setting 30-38 French press

When using a French press time is increased to account for the decrease in pressure and aid of gravity. The coffee must be ground coarser to allow grounds to be evenly extracted by the water, without the stewing effect and resulting bitterness from too-small grinds.

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