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Make coffee like a world champion

April 21, 2022 4 min read

Make coffee like a world champion

Norweigan brand Wilfa is one of Europe's leading suppliers of electrical items. If there's one thing they know a lot about, it's coffee, and not least - how to make it.

"We Norwegians drink about 13 million cups of coffee every single day." says CEO of Wilfa, Morten Hoff. "This makes us one of the countries that drinks the most coffee in the world."

67% of Wilfa HQ's country-people regard their daily dose of coffee almost as a necessity and this is something Wilfa takes very seriously. Nothing was left to chance when Wilfa launched its latest Performance coffee maker.

"Now, in fact, everyone can make coffee like a world champion." says Hoff.

Wilfa Coffee Maker and Coffee Grinder

How to make coffee like a world champion?

Hoff says that making good coffee is not really that difficult, as long as you follow a few simple tips:

"Good coffee is the relationship between good ingredients and accurate brewing."

To make coffee as a world champion, it is important to use fresh water, clean the coffee pot and filter holder, rinse the filter to remove remnants of paper. Always use good quality coffee beans, grind the coffee just before brewing, adjust the grinder to the amount of coffee and measure the right amount of coffee in relation to water - and not least, choose a type of coffee you like.

Wilfa Coffee Maker and Coffee Grinder

Use fresh water

Hoff points out that the reason why it is so important to clean the coffee pot and filter holder is to ensure that you remove old remnants of coffee that can add an unpleasant flavour.

"It is also important to rinse the filter to remove remnants of paper, which can lend a woody flavour to your coffee. And don't forget to use fresh water."

The new coffee maker has its own pump that empties the funnel completely of water at each brewing, in contrast to traditional funnels that have old water standing in the brewing unit. This ensures that you always have fresh clean water for brewing. The water tank on the coffee maker is also removable, so it is easy to refill with fresh water when you are making new coffee as opposed to using the coffee pot as many unfortunately do. However well cleaned it is, using the coffee server to refill your water tank can still add unwanted flavours into your fresh water.

"With a removable water tank, you can fill water directly into it. This means that you avoid spills and are assured that you never use anything other than the water you just got from the tap." says Hoff.

The key to good coffee

Coffee contains up to 800 flavours, and to get the most out of the flavours, the coffee should be ground just before brewing, as fresh as possible.

Freshly ground coffee thus gives you twice as much aroma as pre-ground coffee, and it is also important to adjust the grind size in relation to the type of coffee to be made.

"If you think the coffee is too bitter or a little pale, you can adjust the degree of grinding to change the taste profile of the coffee. A finer ground coffee will give more bitter flavours, and a coarser one will give more acidity." Hoff explains

Whole coffee beans have a significantly longer shelf life than pre-ground coffee, and you will therefore be able to get a fresher coffee taste and more flavours. With 41 grind settings, Wilfa Uniform grinds perfect coffee from espresso to filter and brewed coffee. The grinder was also named Best in Test at

"If you are going to make small amounts of coffee, you should grind the coffee finer to get the right contact time with the water. In this way, you will be able to get optimal taste, regardless of the amount of coffee you brew," Hoff says.

Wilfa Coffee Maker and Wilfa Grinder

Weigh coffee to avoid large taste differences

He adds that many Norwegians measure coffee by eye, but that the taste differences are actually quite large with only a few grams difference.

"Use scales to weight the coffee, do not guess and expect to get the exact amount of coffee.

Wilfa's coffee grinder is equipped with a lid that is a digital kitchen scale. Even better, the scale can be connected with smartphones via Bluetooth and the app helps you choose the right grind size and quantity for your brew.

Then all that remains is to buy good coffee beans, and Wilfa will ensure the experience.

"To top it all, we also give a 5-year guarantee on all our products because we are so confident in their performance and longevity." Hoff concludes.

Why Wilfa Performance is the best coffee maker:

Wilfa Performance uses the same technology as Best in the test coffee maker Wilfa Precision.

To give you as a coffee maker the best coffee we have in these funnels:

- A pump that empties the hopper completely of water after each hoisting. Traditional coffee makers have approx. 10-50ml water that remains in the funnel after each brew.

- Detachable water tank that makes it easy to refill water without using the coffee pot that contains coffee residues.

- The water tank has an indicator on the side that shows the correct amount of coffee for the amount of water used. This makes brewing ratios easy, even for beginners.

- A filter holder that is flat at the bottom. This is to make it easy to place it on a scale and weigh the correct amount of coffee. It also has an adjustable drip stop so that you can adjust the brewing time to the right amount of coffee and bring out the optimal coffee flavours. Other brewers are unable to adapt this, and you get either a slightly bland coffee or too bitter coffee depending on the amount.

- An advanced heating system that provides the correct temperature (as recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association which recommends 92-96 degrees) during the entire brewing process. Other brewers do not manage this, and you thus with Wilfa you get more of the good flavours out of the coffee.