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Wilfa Performance Compact Coffee Maker (Black)


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Wilfa Performance Compact Coffee Maker (Black)

High Performance Compact Coffee Maker Designed to Fit All Countertops

Meet the latest innovation in our coffee makers - the Performance Compact. With its compact and space-saving design, it is perfect for any kitchen, regardless of size. Enjoy outstanding coffee each time with our compact coffee maker that delivers big flavors despite its small footprint.

Compact size

The Performance Compact coffee maker is designed to fit on all kitchen counters with a small footprint of just 20x22 cm. This means that the coffee maker fits perfectly in a smaller student kitchen, in the cottage, for those who want more space on the kitchen counter, or for those who want a smaller coffee maker.

Unique pump technology

Fresh water is one of the most important ingredients in good coffee. Thanks to Wilfa's unique water pump technology, the Performance Compact completely empties the machine of water with each brew and you pour the next pot with only fresh water.

This is in contrast to other coffee makers where water remains in the system when the funnel is finished, which will in turn affect the coffee taste on the next brew.

Removable water tank

The practical 1 liter removable water tank makes refilling water easy and spill-free, while the water you pour with will always be clean.

The coffee carafe can be tempting to use to fill water with, but it brings with it coffee residues that can flavor the new coffee you are going to make. Over time, using the coffee carafe for water filling will cause the coffee maker to become flavored with old coffee. This is because grease from the coffee remains in the carafe and these microscopic coffee residues are transferred when you use the flask to fill water.

Perfect brewing temperature

The Performance Compact has an advanced brewing system that delivers water at an optimal extraction temperature throughout the entire brewing process. It has a brewing temperature of 92-96° from the first to the last drop, which results in an unforgettable taste experience.

Correct ratio between coffee and water

Use the measuring guide on the water container to get the optimum ratio between coffee and water for each brew.

Automatic drip stops

The Performance Compact coffee maker has an automatic drip stop that prevents spills. Automatic drip stop means that there is a mechanism that prevents coffee from dripping when you remove the flask of freshly brewed coffee.

Hot plate with auto stop

The tractor has a heating plate that keeps the coffee warm after brewing. It automatically switches off after 40 minutes for safety.

Tip! We recommend making coffee several times rather than storing it for a long time in order to drink coffee with the best possible taste.

Unique spreading head

All the good flavors from the coffee will be fully utilized with the unique spreading head that spreads the water evenly over the coffee during brewing.

Cleaning indicator

The start button also acts as an indicator for when the brewer should be cleaned. Then the start button shows a pulsating light and you should clean the brewer.

Designed and developed in Norway

We know the wishes and needs of Norwegian and Nordic homes, and work continuously to deliver products that satisfy these.

Additional Information:

1600 W of Power
1L Detachable Water Tank
Unique Water Pump Technology
High-performance brewing system
Automatic drip stop
Designed and developed in Norway
Brewing temperature : 92° - 94°
Brewing time, min : 4-6 min
Dimensions (cm) (H/L/W): 20x22x32cm
Weight: 5kg
Warranty: Industry-leading 5-year warranty
EU Two pin Plug (adaptor provided)
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 1L
Capacity cups: 8
ECBC approved: Yes
Heating element: 2
Jug material: Glass
Keep warm function: Yes
Mixing cap: Yes
Preparation method: Filter
Washable: Yes
Other information: Cord 1m
Accessories: Coffee spoon
Warranty: 5 years