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Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker - White


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Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker - White

Sometimes you want to take your time and fully concentrate on the process of making coffee. Other times you want a quicky brew without having to compromise on quality. , Wilfa has an answer to that. With the Wilfa Classic+ precision brewer / coffee maker, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3: add your desired amount of fresh ground coffee, add up to 1L of water, press the button and voila! Delicious coffee, hassle free.

  • Adjustable settings give you ultimate control over your flow rate and extraction time. Plus smart maintenance features remind you to clean the device, help you to conserve power, and prevent drips on the hot plate. In less than five minutes, you can have 1-10 cups of coffee ready for your enjoyment with the Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker. This compact batch precision brewer / coffee maker from Wilfa balances intuitive usage with an attention to detail that coffee professionals will appreciate.

    Ideal brewing temperature

    Wilfa Classic + brews coffee between 92 and 96 degrees, which is the optimal temperature for allowing flavours to develop. This ideal temperature is reaching quickly after switching on the machine. The hot-plate keeps the coffee at an ideal temperature for up to 40 minutes, when the auto-stop switches it off automatically.

    Flexible brew size

    The Wilfa Classic + holds up to 1l of water which is perfect for a typical household. The manual drip-stop is smart and efficient, allowing you to choose how fast the water should flow through the filter. This is how you get perfect coffee, regardless of whether you brew 1 cup or 8 cups.