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Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder (Silver) & Wilfa Svart Uni Precision Scale Bundle


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Wilfa Uniform Series Coffee Grinders

With 3 years in development, it’s the coffee grinder everyone’s been waiting for! The Wilfa Uniform series feature 58mm stainless steel, stabilised flat burrs for a more precise grind and an even extraction.

  • Boasting 41 grind settings from espresso to steep, and a clever auto-off function once the beans have passed through. The slow motor ensures your coffee beans won’t be heated, so you and your guests can enjoy great tasting coffee.

    The Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder features a cast aluminium and steel body for added durability and less coffee dust from your grounds container.

    The Norwegian-designed Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder features a stylish minimal and modern design with its understated Scandinavian elegance, and looks great in any setting (home, kitchen, café or office).

Wilfa Svart Uni Precision Scale

  • Wilfa's Svart Uni Scales are reliable and accurate – just what you need when you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

    • Accurate down to 0.1 grams
    • Weigh anything from 1 gram to 2 kg
    • iPhone and Android app available with multiple modes
    • LED display provides a clear view

    Wilfa Svart Scales have a high capacity, up to 2kg and offer responsiveness and accuracy down to 0.1g so you can measure your ingredients with precision. The LED display is easy to read at a glance and the scales can even connect via Bluetooth to our useful app.

    Wilfa App

    The scale communicates with iOS devices and Android devices via a blue-tooth. For coffee lovers; The Wilfa BLACK app shows you the perfect blend of coffee and water to the very last drop.

    Stylish design

    It has a stylish round, black design.