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Wilfa Svart Uni Precision Scale


  • Wilfa's Svart Uni Scales are reliable and accurate – just what you need when you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

    • Accurate down to 0.1 grams
    • Weigh anything from 1 gram to 2 kg
    • iPhone and Android app available with multiple modes
    • LED display provides a clear view

    Wilfa Svart Scales have a high capacity, up to 2kg and offer responsiveness and accuracy down to 0.1g so you can measure your ingredients with precision. The LED display is easy to read at a glance and the scales can even connect via Bluetooth to our useful app.

    Wilfa App

    The scale communicates with iOS devices and Android devices via a blue-tooth. For coffee lovers; The Wilfa BLACK app shows you the perfect blend of coffee and water to the very last drop.

    Stylish design

    It has a stylish round, black design.