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Wilfa Coffee and Kitchen Equipment with an impressive 5 year warranty.

May 04, 2022 2 min read

Wilfa Coffee and Kitchen Equipment with an impressive 5 year warranty.

When it comes to selecting premium coffee and kitchen equipment, there are literally hundreds of options. However, if you make the wrong decision, your money will be squandered!

Wilfa is a Norwegian company that specialises in high-quality kitchen equipment. It was founded in 1948 and has evolved to become one of the Europe's top providers of high-quality electrical appliances, becoming a part of millions of people's daily lives.


Why you should trust us?

We are a group of dedicated coffee and kitchen equipment enthusiasts that conduct research, testing, and education on matters related to the industry. Each of our products is the result of years of research, prototypes and development. We also work in collaboration with industry experts for some of our products to make sure we deliver just what is needed for coffee, baking and cooking enthusiasts.

As a company, we put function and practicality at the forefront of everything we do, helping you make more confident decisions about purchasing coffee and kitchen equipment.

If you drink coffee or make toast, or blend smoothies every day, it's critical that your appliance works consistently every time—and that the whole experience, from brewing to enjoying a completed cup, is a pleasure.


Brand trust matters a lot for both companies and consumers

Consumers search for indications that they can trust the company throughout their customer experience. Dependability is a huge draw for many wishing to purchase appliances for their home.

This is why at Wilfa we offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty on every product we sell. In fact, some of our engines and motors come with a 10 year warranty so you can be assured that your equipment won’t fail you at a crucial moment.

We are so confident in our equipment’s robust build-quality that we offer an industry leading warranty that comes into effect the day you purchase your product. While most manufacturers offer a 12month warranty, a purchase from Wilfa remains in guaranteed long after others’ has expired.

Building trust with our customers is important to us, so this is just one of the way we ensure that buying a Wilfa appliance brings ease, practicality and joy to your home.