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Award-Winning Wilfa: Appliances you can Trust

May 27, 2022 2 min read

Award-Winning Wilfa: Appliances you can Trust

Wilfa are a well-established, Norwegian company who specialise in kitchen appliances. With over 70 years of experience, we pride ourselves on quality equipment, with a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Efficiency and design are at the forefront of all of our appliances. In response we have received a number of awards and have claimed many ‘Best in Test’ titles.


Wilfa Coffee Range 

Wilfa Svart Grinders Award

The Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder was voted The Independent’s best overall grinder. This is what they had to say about it: "Wilfa is one of the most respected names in the coffee brewing business – and this model seems to balance professional-level functionality and affordability (which makes sense, seeing as it was designed in collaboration with a World Barista Champion). Several of the coffee pros we spoke to recommended this grinder, telling us it’s a favourite at-home option among them and their colleagues."


Wilfa Uniform Grinder Awards

Impressively, another set of products in the Wilfa coffee range achieved a magnificent feat – 3 Wilfa coffee grinders earned top 5 placements in the coffee grinder test. The winner of the competition was the Wilfa Black Uniform coffee grinder. found this product was the best in the market for consistent grinding, with 96% of the particles complying with the promised quality and size. The Wilfa Black Aroma finished in second place, and was named best in test coffee grinder by and


Wilfa Performance Brewer

Our most advanced coffee brewer proved better overall than 7 of its main competitors. The Wilfa Performance coffee makerwas ranked incredibly highly, due to its efficiency, design and ease of use.


Wilfa Kitchen Range

Wilfa Pro Baker Mixer Award

One of our flagship products, the ProBaker has a particularly full trophy cabinet. In 2021 it was named ‘Kitchen product of the year’ by the electronics industry. It has also been the recipient of a number of commendations from consumer publications including Dagbladet, Tek.No and DinSide which rated it 9.2 out of 10. 

This dominance in Norway demonstrates Wilfa products’ efficiency and capability. Managing to maintain such a high level of quality, while achieving a sleek and contemporary look is an accomplishment, we are proud to have achieved.

At Wilfa we believe that the difference high quality appliances can make to our lives cannot be understated – they give us not only convenience but also confidence in the kitchen.

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